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Will the smartphone industry become the next PC industry? by Sunny
What do you see from Samsung's declining smartphone sales? The No.1 smartphone maker is losing its market share to small competitors. Why? As...
Can Uber succeed in China? by Crystal Huang
Uber entered China market aggresively. But can Uber's success in US be duplicated in China? 1. Luxury taxi service has huge...
Google acquired Songza to compete with Apple Beats by Jane Hunter
Weeks after Apple acquired Beats, Google acquired streaming music app Songza. It heats up the war of streaming music. Amazon also announced streaming...
WeWork woths $10 billion by Jack Nelon
WeWork renovates and rent out office spaces for startup companies. This Business Insider...
WestJet by Crystal Huang
Like SouthWest airlines in US, WestJet is also a point-to-point airlines with...
Average Canadians Pay Almost Half Of Their Income To The Government by Sunny
Today is "Tax Freedom Day". It doesn't mean that you don't need to pay tax...
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